Digital Marketing – Basics


Content MarketingMake your audience with consulting, informatory and entertaining content indicated.
Display AdvertisingAdvertise your products and messages via graphical formats.
Affiliate MarketingComissions for selling products in your name on another website.
Social Media MarketingAdvertise on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
E-Mail MarketingA part of direct marketing or Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Native AdvertisingYour advertisement looks like an editorial article.
UsabilityHow easy a user can interact with your website.
ConversionA user/lead who gets a registrated user.
Lead ManagementMake real customers out of potential customers.
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)A tool which helps to administrate customer data.
KPI (Key Performance Indicator)Metrics which help you to take decisions.
CPCCost per click
TKPTausender Kontakt Preis
CPMCost per Mille
CPLCost per lead
CTRClick through rate
OpenrateHow many users did open an e-mail
Unsubscribe rateRate of unsubscribtions of an newsletter
SEOSearch Engine Optimization
SEASearch Engine Advertising
CPACost per Action
ROIReturn on Investment
ROASReturn on Adspend
CPOCost per Order
VisitorsA user who is visiting a website.
AbsprungrateBesucher, die die Webseite direkt wieder verlassen.
BANT LeadA method to sort your potential customers
Lead nurturingDevelopment of contacts
MQLMarketing Qualified Lead
SQLSales Qualified Lead
WhitepaperA document with informative content relevant specific fields.
WebinarA seminar or presentation via online tools.
Social SellingNetworking via LinkedIn
B0unce RateVisitors who leave your website instantly.
Lead Generation ToolsA tool for uploading new leads.
ABMAccount Based Marketing
B2BBusiness to Business
B2CBusiness to Customer
Addressable TV (ATV)Combination of linear TV and online targeting
Connected TV (CTV)All digital content which can be displayed on a TV.
HbbTV StandardHybrid broadcasting broad band TV
DOOHDigital out of home
DialogmarketingAustausch zwischen potentiellen Kunden und Unternehmen.
TelemarketingA form of direct marketing
Programmatic AdvertisingAutomated buying of adspaces in realtime.
DSPDemand Side Platform
SSPSell Side Platform, Supply  Side Platform
DMPData Management Platform
1st Party DataData you generate and own as company itself.
2nd Party DataData which comes externally or via partners.
3rd Party DataData which come via an external provider.